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  • A Lifetime of Recreation in Montana’s Island Ranges

A Lifetime of Recreation in Montana's Island Ranges

A Lifetime of Recreation in Montana’s Island Ranges

Think Great Falls is all alone out on the Great Plains, far away from the mountains? Look again. You can clearly see the Little Belts, Big Belts, Adel, Highwoods mountain ranges and a slew of one-of-a-kind mountainous “buttes” from town, as well as the main “Front” of the Rocky Mountains and the Scapegoat and Bob…

Top Spots For Snowshoeing In the Basecamp

When the temperature drops in Great Falls, it’s time to get out and explore. Snowshoeing is an easy, low-impact way to enjoy winter, and some of the best spots are close by. Be sure to check the forecast, dress appropriately and bring extra food, water and gear to ensure a safe and enjoyable walk. Silver…

Baby, It’s Cold Outside, But Snowshoeing Will Keep You Warm

Peace, solitude and warmth await those willing to drive a few miles or up to an hour for some snowshoeing fun. Yes, snowshoeing can be quite warm once participants leave their car and get on the trail for this aerobic exercise. Silver Crest Winter Recreation Area Another place for those just starting is Silver Crest…

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