We’re No Dam Experts is the recorded claims from Great Falls, Montana. The hosts are no dam experts, but they know some stuff. Great Falls Montana Tourism’s CEO, Rebecca Engum, and Content Director, Marisela Hazzard, give their best dam try at creating a podcast that will educate, entertain, and make them famous.

Great Falls, Montana was founded in 1883, but the podcast started in 2020. We have a lot of history to tell, art to share, and adventurous tales that will make you wish you were here experiencing this dam town for yourself.

Our content is meant to be evergreen, and stand alone from other episodes, but from time to time, you may miss out on a joke. Episode 0: We Have Audio and Episode 1: Welcome, to the Greatest Dam Town in Montana, Great Falls are great starting points for any subscriber.

And yes, we mean dam. We have five dams in our town and love each of them. We also love puns, and hope you will too.

Latest Episodes

Released January 14, 2022: Episode 65: Fish Paddles

Released January 7, 2022: Episode 64: Peter Jennings’ Outstanding Warrant

Released December 31, 2021: Episode 63: The Last Best Conversation

Released December 23, 2021: Episode 62: More Layers than an Onion

Released December 17, 2021: Episode 61: We’ve Done Better

Released December 10, 2021: Episode 60: Old Glory

Released December 3, 2021: Episode 59: Five Letter Word for a Dive Bar

Released November 26, 2021: Episode 58: Three-Peat

Released November 19, 2021: Episode 57: Makers Gonna Make

Released November 12, 2021: Episode 56: Surface Dwellers

Released November 5, 2021: Episode 55: The Best Dam Episode

Released October 29, 2021: Episode 54: We’re Almost Dam Experts

Released October 22, 2021: Episode 53: Two Bow Town

Released October 15, 2021: Episode 52: What’s peeking around the corner of Room 18?

Joel Corda is voice and creator of the original music in We’re No Dam Experts. Joel is a Great Falls resident and musician. You can follow him here!

Thank you, Joel, for creating the best dam music that Great Falls Montana Tourism could have asked for.

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Episode 5 at the legendary Sip 'n Dip Lounge


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