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  • A Lifetime of Recreation in Montana’s Island Ranges

A Lifetime of Recreation in Montana's Island Ranges

A Lifetime of Recreation in Montana’s Island Ranges

Think Great Falls is all alone out on the Great Plains, far away from the mountains? Look again. You can clearly see the Little Belts, Big Belts, Adel, Highwoods mountain ranges and a slew of one-of-a-kind mountainous “buttes” from town, as well as the main “Front” of the Rocky Mountains and the Scapegoat and Bob…

What to Do in State Parks Near the Basecamp

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning land in Montana, we have good news: you already do. Our state parks offer some of the best outdoor recreation opportunities under the Big Sky, and a few of our finest parks are easy to enjoy from Great Falls. Giant Springs Imagine standing on the banks of North America’s…

3 Days, 3 Diverse Landscapes

I don’t get out and hike near as much as I want to – but who really does? August provided me one perfect weekend to use Great Falls as my basecamp and head out to explore North, West & East – three days, three different landscapes to view – all while relaxing with good food…

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