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CM Russell | The Art & Soul of the American West

CM Russell | The Art & Soul of the American West

Charles Marion Russell (1864–1926) was many things; consummate Westerner, historian, advocate of the Northern Plains Indians, cowboy, writer, outdoorsman, philosopher, environmentalist, conservationist, and not least, artist. In Montana’s Basecamp for Art & Adventure, you can experience first-hand the places Charlie touched; from the Judith Basin where he worked as a ranch hand to his home…

Only in Great Falls | 10 Unique Things to Experience in This Must-Visit Montana Town

Located in the north-central plains of Montana, Great Falls sits on the banks of the Missouri River and takes its name from one of the nearby five waterfalls on the mighty Missouri River. Known for its rich heritage including a considerable influence from the Lewis & Clark expedition of 1805-06, Great Falls is home to…

Great Falls Gifts Worth Giving

Enjoy creating memories with your friends, families, and colleagues with experiences you can only find in Great Falls | Montana’s Basecamp for Art & Adventure. This year, rather than buying another tie, fruitcake, or other gifts that will go unused, give your friends, family, and colleagues something they’ll love even more; an experience in Great…

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