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Gearing up for Adventures in the Basecamp

Gearing up for Adventures in the Basecamp

If you’re going to explore all there is to see around Great Falls, you’ll need the right tools. And we can help you get outfitted with everything you need right here in town. If you already have your gear, make sure to know where to go to get it fixed.   Hiking A hike is…

Great Falls Gifts Worth Giving

Enjoy creating memories with your friends, families, and colleagues with experiences you can only find in Great Falls | Montana’s Basecamp for Art & Adventure. This year, rather than buying another tie, fruitcake, or other gifts that will go unused, give your friends, family, and colleagues something they’ll love even more; an experience in Great…

Autumn in Montana’s Basecamp for Art & Adventure

Natural beauty, rugged landscape, and breathtaking views make Great Falls the perfect autumn destination. The Great Falls, so named by Meriweather Lewis, are more than 80 feet high, giving visitors to the Ryan Dam a view that was described by Lewis as “…the grandest sight I ever beheld…” Despite dams being built on all 5 of Great Falls’ falls…

Road Trip!

Located in Central Montana, Great Falls provides a basecamp for adventure and fun on the road. One of the funnest and most scenic drives in Montana takes you into Fort Benton, through the Highwood Mountains, into Belt, and back to Great Falls in time to enjoy dinner, live music, and more. Beginning your journey in Great…

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