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The Short Hike of All Short Hikes

The Short Hike of All Short Hikes

A place where you can chase serenity, take in a breath of fresh air, burn some calories or attempt to capture that perfect naturistic shot. All in just one hour. It’s a place of versatile beauty that continues to offer nature’s true personality through the sunshine, rain, snow and frost. This place is Memorial Falls…

Hit The Trails in the Basecamp

Join Get Fit Great Falls for National Trails Day on June 2 for an educational walk in town or an easy to difficult hike in the surrounding area. Great Falls holds the largest number of hikes IN THE COUNTRY to celebrate National Trails Day, and all hikes are free. With more added this year, you’ll find a hike…

Great Falls Craft Brewing and Adventure

Great Falls provides an ideal place to experience amazing craft brewing and the outdoor adventures Big Sky Country is famous for. As the southern corner of the Golden Triangle, an area of Montana known for ideal wheat-growing conditions, brewers in Great Falls produce an amazing selection of craft brews. Grab your Montana Brewery Passport and get…

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