Historic Residential Walking Tour

The second-oldest neighborhood in town – and the grandest – harkens back to the early days in Great Falls when the Electric City was  bursting with promise. This self-guided tour will lead you to 44 stops embodying historic Great Falls.

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River’s Edge History Walking Tour

Explore 16 points of interest and walk back through time to an encounter with a Grizzly Bear by Capitan Meriwether Lewis, to a 2500-year old Native American archaeological site, and to the dawn of water powered electricity.

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Central Business District Walking Tour

Art meets business on this tour through The Central Business Historic District in Downtown Great Falls  that details 25 buildings  stories of the entrepreneurs behind them.

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milwaukee depot

Historic Railroad District Walking Tour

A walk through of 20 sites covering three major construction periods, creating diverse architectural styles. The district remains a historically and architecturally cohesive reminder of significant forces that shaped Great Falls.

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