Can you visit 10 museums in 1 day? Every April, the Great Falls Museum Consortium invites you to experience Montana’s Museum Capital and explore the best of Great Falls’ Art basecamp. Sunday Sampler provides free admission to every museum in Great Falls for the day. With a museum for every interest, you can tailor your day to your family’s interests, the participating museums include the CM Russell Museum, the Children’s Museum of Montana, First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park, Galerie Trinitas, The History Museum, the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center, Montana Museum of Railroad History, Paris Gibson Square Museum, Malmstrom AFB Museum, and the Ursuline Centre.

Enjoy Great Falls’ unique culture and history. The museums represented in the Consortium represent an adventurous, independent, and energetic aspect of the spirit that runs through the culture of Great Falls, Montana. All museums are open from 12-5pm, and most will have special activities planned; call for more information. Explore as many of each museum at your leisure, and include plenty of time to enjoy the breathtaking scenery, the alluring ruggedness, and the untamed spirit of the West as you walk along our 60 miles of River’s Edge Trail. The Great Falls Museum Consortium is delighted to host this event. Let your Adventures Begin!

April 5, 2020 | 12-5pm | Download the Sunday Sampler Scavenger Hunt HERE!!