Tara and Jason are just two regular Great Falls kids who grew up, got married, and started an epic burger joint in the town they love.  Check out their reviews online and you will be assured your getting a great burger. We wanted to make sure you knew just a little bit more about Jason and Tara.

Tara + Jason

Tara is a third-generation Veteran, former emergency room nurse, Guy’s Grocery Games winner, and baker extraordinaire.

Jason is a former graphic designer and is the pretty behind each marketing element of the Roadhouse. Jason has been part of successfully promoting Montana PRCA Circuit Finals Rodeo and is the talent behind the branding that has cemented Roadhouse’s place in people’s hearts.

Both Tara & Jason lived life in the “fast” lane, living in Denver, New York City as well as Southern California and Arizona before coming back home.

After a struggle with infertility, the couple changed their dreams and started Roadhouse Diner in 2015.

Creative Menu

Tara & Jason have created special feature burgers throughout their existence, in addition to the regular menu features. Some of the special burgers have been:

  • Commander in Beef to honor President Trump’s visit to Great Falls. The burger featured ingredients the President likes:  two patties, two pieces of cheese “from the United States of America,” grilled onions, “freedom fries” and “caucus” sauce, which is a sauce Republicans and Democrats can agree on.
  • FFB ( Fried Forecast Burger) to honor departing local television meteorologist, Mike Rawlins. The burger patty was topped with fried (maybe even a little burnt) bacon, a fried egg, dill pickles, tomato, and crossroads sauce.
  • The Curse of the Bacon Sauce Burger to honor local author Erik Sietsema’s book “The Curse of the Vassal Fruit. This burger was topped with house-made bacon cause, red onions and hickory smoked bacon. Erik also stopped by to sign books one day during the burger feature!

And it isn’t just the burgers that get creative, the deserts as well and as always, work to feature local ingredients, as they love to support as local as they can! The Churro Kracklin’ Kamut Roadhouse Rumbler features, as the name says, Kracklin’ Kamut – an ancient grain grown, harvested, and roasted just 78 miles away, in Big Sandy, Montana!

Each FRYday (yes FRYday) is a new Fryday Fry feature that simply cannot be missed. The Lowrider FRYday Fries are double fried fries topped with avocado, red onions, bacon and Chipotle BBQ sauce – YUM!

Giving Back

During #GiveGreatFalls, the Roadhouse donated a dollar for every burger purchase to be given to non-profit organizations in Great Falls as a partnership with the Great Falls area Chamber of Commerce and the National Day of Giving.

The incredibly talented guys from the band Call of the Awakened were raising money on GoFundMe for their trip to L.A. to work with music producer Mikey Doling and Tara & Jason stepped up by matching the band’s GoFundMe effort with $1,080 cash. The couple brought the band to the diner to meet them and send Jayden, Noah, Dillon, Lance and Nathan on their trip and keep the metal alive and making Great Falls proud!


Tara won Guys Grocery Games in 2017 (Season 13 – Episode 5 – All Burgers 2) after a series of burger making challenges. The Roadhouse Diner was named one of the best 25 diners in the United States by Travel + Leisure and the most iconic diner in Montana by MSN. The Roadhouse won 2018 Greatest of Great Falls Best Burger and the best burger in Montana according to Insider.


See you soon in Great Falls, Montana and make sure part of your adventures include a stop to say hi to Tara and Jason at the Roadhouse Diner!