Episode 60:

Old Glory 

Rebecca and Mari have a guest on the podcast that knows everything about Old Glory at their new location at 15 Overlook Drive. Kim Martin, a former realtor of 18 years in Great Falls, Montana, shares how the Great Falls Realtors Association started the project to get the 30′ x 50′ flag at Overlook Park, which is lovingly referred to as Flag Hill. Costing $9,000 a year, the project is completely funded by volunteers and fundraisers. And yes, American Legion will send you a text message when the flag is to be flown at half-staff.


Show Notes and Pull Quotes

The Great Falls Realtor Flag Project is kept flying through donation only. Events like their Friends of the Flag Golf Tournament and Flea Flippin’ for The Flag raise funds for the flag, which costs about $9,000 a year to fly.

The flag gets changed out multiple times a year, and Betsy Ross (or someone similar) does maintenance sewing for the flag to keep Old Glory looking her best.

People can borrow the flag, and the flag has been in events throughout Montana.

You can sign up for text messages from American Legion to know when the flag should be flown at half-staff.