Episode 6: 

The Bests of the Greatest Dam Town

Rebecca and Mari tell their listeners about Great Falls’ claims to fame while sharing with them the bests of the greatest dam town. You’ll want to listen to this episode and use it as a guide for where to get the best food and drinks in Great Falls, Montana.


Show Notes and Pull Quotes

If you are in Canada and are listening to us, please let us know!

We are no longer the windiest city, but we did have the most drastic temperate change.

The #1 Burger in Montana is at Roadhouse Diner, and their special burger changes out every two weeks. Tara was on Guy’s Grocery Games and won…making a burger!

MT Pints has some good burgers too…and again, you can have Jeremiah Johnson Brewing Co. beer there.

Harvest Craft Kitchen WILL be named one of the bests of Great Falls when voting opens again, you heard it here first.

Dragonfly Dry Goods is the largest dry goods store in Montana.

KellerGeist has been improving since they opened, and have big plans for 2021! They are one of our favorite places, not only because of their craft drink and German beer, but also because of the friendly owners.

Enbar won the Greatest Dam Mimosa Showdown with their concoction, Cloud 9.

The Mighty Mo Brewing Co. has the localist beer, and we think you should try their Dam Fog and Motorboat beer, as well as their pizza and pretzel bites.

The Celtic Cowboy is the #1 Irish Pub in Montana. They have Sunday Brunch, live music, and some dam good cocktails.

Listen to episode 5 to hear about the amazing Sip ‘n Dip Lounge.

The #1 Coffee Shop in Montana is Crooked Tree Coffee, and their macaroons are so good.

Read about Electric City Coffee’s fall drinks that should replace your pumpkin spice latte here. Check out their Instagram to see how pretty their pastries are and you’ll want to try it for yourself.

Al Banco, another amazing coffee shop has an almond pastry that shouldn’t be missed.

Tracy’s Family Diner and Clark and Lewie’s both have amazing breakfasts.

Great Falls is Montana’s Pizza capital, and it is all over the town.

We have the largest Buffalo Jump in North America, the First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park and National Historic Landmark.

Great Falls also has the shortest river in the world, the Roe River.

Great Falls becomes the Western Art Capital of the World for one week a year, during Western Art Week.

Charlie Russell’s birthday is March 19, 1864 and you can see his painting Fire Boat here.

Great Falls hosts the Montana State Fair each year, and read about the Viking here.

Great Falls has also hosted the PRCA Rodeo Finals for the last 42 years and we’re excited for its return in 2022.

See our Veteran’s Memorial here.

Electric City Water Park has the only state’s Flow Rider.

Riverside Railyard Park is one of the top skate parks in the Pacific Northwest.

Great Falls is home to Montana’s oldest reinforced concrete open spandrel multi-arch bridge.

Check out the scenic drive to Tower State Park and Hardy Creek Bridge here.

Sign up for the free Art Along the Trail pass for your guide to all the environmental art pieces along the River’s Edge Trail.

Showdown Montana is Montana’s first ski hill, and opens December 11, 2020!

Recorded Claim Explained

We did record an episode on the River’s Edge Trail, but it was not good enough to air and we’ll keep it to ourselves.

As of November 23, 2020, We’re No Dam Experts is ranked number 22 out of 312 in Montana! Thank you for listening!

See Rebecca on the swivel chair here, on the Mermaid episode.

Again, we miss our Canadian visitors.

Do you think Great Fall’s has a staple dish? Let us know!

Colored water, not flavored water.

We still miss our former teammate, Kristin.

So you’re the dam expert? Let us know if our claim is wrong.