Episode 59:

Five Letter Word for a Dive Bar We Love

Rebecca and Mari talk about the visitors that want just a few things to do and the “been there, done that” crowd that challenges them for the most unique itineraries ever. To solve the problem, they’re taking the advice of their former colleague, Jason, who thinks there should be a time-based checklist to give to people that will guide people to experience Great Falls, Montana. That way, if their friends ask someone if they have been to Great Falls, they can confidently say that they have been to the best dam town in Montana. The backside of the sheet should be a crossword puzzle with challenging things to do that only those that have been to Great Falls a few times would have done.


Show Notes and Pull Quotes

While we think you should see everything while you’re here, we know a few guests are only here for a few hours.

Seeing the falls is a must, and Rebecca thinks it should be the Great Falls of the Missouri River that warrants a check in the box. No matter the season, if you’ve been there and seen them, you can check it off.

Another prominent stop, the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center. About 25% go to our Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center, which is the largest and most extensive interpretive center in the nation.

The C.M. Russell Museum, home to many original works of cowboy artist Charlie Russell, should also be near the top of your list, but make sure you see his original homestead and studio. That’s where the real magic lies, where you can see the wallpaper and the latch key that Russell references in many of his well-written and illustrated letters.

If you have heard of Great Falls and outdoor recreation or the two before mentioned museums aren’t of your initial interest, you probably heard of our city because of the Sip ‘n Dip Lounge. Mermaids swim in a tank behind the bar, and they will take a selfie with you. The lounge is a stop for every country singer that plays here so that you might run into someone famous, like Toby Keith or LANCO. But to say that you have really been to Great Falls, you have to have heard Joel Corda sing there on a Friday or Saturday night.

While it is an event, it is still something that you should attend: Western Art Week. So much art in so little time, that Rebecca thinks Western Art Week should have it’s own checklist in and of itself.

Shoot a buffalo while you’re here. And not Rainboffalo. Try and see any of the other buffalo nestled in our city. One is even at Showdown Montana!

And we can’t forget Giant Springs State Park, the most visited state park in Montana. The shortest river in the world, the longest river in North America, the largest springs in North America, and the River’s Edge Trail are all attractions in the park. But make sure to get off the trail and look around. See if you can find the waterfall that Rebecca and Mari talked about.

We’ll be sure to share the finished product once it’s done!