Episode 57:

Makers Gonna Make

Rebecca and Mari talk about the creative people in Great Falls, the makers. From hand-dyed yarn, birch charcuterie boards to pottery and pasta, the two unknowingly talk about all the things they want to buy themselves for Christmas. This episode is a must-listen if you’re stuck on a gift to bring back home from Great Falls.


Show Notes and Pull Quotes

We probably talked too long about The Farmer’s Daughter Fibers and just how pretty the store is. But, once you’ve been in it, you would want to talk about it even longer. Watch the glimpse video of Candice’s store here, and check out all the beautiful yarn!

Don Hanson is a local artist and his pottery is beautiful. We are trying to get up the courage to ask Don if he has any pottery we could have or borrow to put in our new offices so everyone else that comes through our doors knows about his work too.

The Good Wood Guys is an Urban Sawmill and if you come during one of their demonstrations, Chris might let you run the mill. Here’s a glimpse of what it looks like. They also have an awesome shop where you can buy the charcuterie boards that Rebecca has on her Christmas list.

Popcorn Colonel’s popcorn balls are not only delicious, but watching them get made it satisfying too.

And for the millionth time, we mention taffy pulling at Candy Masterpiece. Get their fudge, their sweets, their anything and you will be happy you did.