Episode 55:

The Best Dam Episode

Rebecca and Mari celebrate their podcast’s first anniversary with the best dam guest ever: Jeremy, the Dam Expert from NorthWestern Energy. In this highly anticipated episode, the three use more than enough dam puns, and Jeremy tackles all of Rebecca’s and Mari’s dam questions with ease. We cannot wait for future episodes with Jeremy, and we are so thankful for NorthWestern Energy’s partnership to make this episode happen. Thanks to all of our listeners for supporting us this past year!


Show Notes and Pull Quotes

Disclaimer: Mari was really excited about this episode. So excited that she sometimes mistakenly says NorthWest Energy, and not NorthWestern Energy. She’s sorry and hopes you can forgive her.

We have a DAM EXPERT on the podcast. Jeremy, the Dam Guy from NorthWestern Energy, graced us with his presence on our podcast to celebrate our first anniversary. His official title is Director of Hydro Operations at NorthWestern Energy, but we love saying Dam Guy instead.

Thankfully, Jeremy appreciates puns and received Mari’s puns just fine. Jeremy has been in his current position at Northwestern Energy for about 15 years.

Making electricity is simple, just not always easy. Most forms of electrical generation require turning a generator. In terms of a hydroelectric dam, the weight of water is used to turn the generator. The dam builds up the water so the water will obey the law of gravity and flow downward and through the turbine, which then turns the generator.

Many of the facilities are over 100 years old!

The best time to see the falls is during Spring Runoff, when the Missouri River provides more water flow than the dam needs to get as much energy as possible.

Mari had a dam good question about how the extreme temperatures in Great Falls impact the dams. NorthWestern Energy has extensive and safe maintenance plans to ensure the safety of the workers and functionality of the dams.

Mari should never try and do public or podcast math again.

Ryan Dam, if you are listening, you’re Jeremy’s favorite.

Below Holter Dam, you’ll find the best fishing. Also, Jeremy’s definition of a Blue Ribbon Stream is the best we’ve heard to this date.

Water is not only a renewable source in the sense of evaporation and condensation, but also the fact that the same bucket of water is used fives times through our dams to produce electricity.

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