Episode 54:

We’re Almost Dam Experts

Rebecca and Mari are getting anxious with excitement as they near their one year anniversary of being the hosts of We’re No Dam Experts. For almost a year, the two have been sharing their love for Great Falls and having guests on the podcasts that do the same. While they still know nothing about hunting, their hilarious banter has placed them on international charts, ranking as high as #56 in Canada in all categories, #126 in the US for Travel & Places, and #413 for comedy globally. Our stadium tour officially starts October 30th, and we have no plans of stopping!


Show Notes and Pull Quotes

We reviewed our year of podcasting, talking about past episodes, favorite moments, and lessons learned along the way. Have you listed to all 54 episodes, or have you skipped around to topics that grab your interest?

And again, winter is only for hibernation if you’re a bear, and you’re not a bear.