Episode 53:

Two Bow Town

Rebecca and Mari have the Executive Director, Hillary Shepherd, and the Conductor, Grant Harville, from the Great Falls Symphony on the podcast. Grant fills us in on how horrible of an uncle Beethoven was, that Great Falls’ audience only gives two bows at the end of a performance, and how just how much a conductor impacts the musicians’ performance. We had so much fun that the Great Falls Symphony invited us to kick off our stadium tour as emcees for their Halloween concert on October 30th at the Mansfield Theatre!


Show Notes and Pull Quotes

Beethoven was a horrible uncle, which surprised us.

Singers are lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely human beings. Some of them are.

If you enjoy video games too, check out Game Night Lounge and experience their state of the art virtually reality!

Please email us if you want Grant to do the Flight of the Bumblebee on the tuba.

Get your tickets for all the symphony performances here!

Rebecca and Mari are emceeing the Halloween Performance by the Great Falls Symphony on October 30th at 11:00 AM at the Mansfield Theatre! We would love you for you join us as we kick off our stadium tour!

Send your checks to us so you can conduct during the Holiday Concert! Just email us before, so we know to look in the mail.