Episode 52:

What’s peeking around the corner of Room 18?

Rebecca and Mari have the Executive Director of the Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art, Sarah Justice, on the podcast to talk about the recent overnight ghost hunts held at The Square. While the Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art is home to exhibitions, events, and education centering around contemporary art, it also has a reputation for being haunted. Sarah finally agreed to let a ghost hunt happen in The Square, and her firsthand account of what happened that night is sure to get you in the Halloween Spirit.


Show Notes and Pull Quotes

The Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art is one of the many museums in Great Falls, Montana. However, The Square, as we lovingly call it, is home to contemporary art and houses a permanent exhibit from a self-taught artist, Lee Stein, that is sure to get you talking.

Ghost Hunts USA held two overnight ghost hunts in The Square back in August 2021 and professional ghost hunters led participants throughout The Square to engage with the spirits there.

Do you think ghosts can leave a scent?

While it was awesome that people had the opportunity to hunt ghosts in The Square this past summer, Mari is thrilled that they aren’t coming back.

Get more information about The Square here and check out their events, education, and fundraisers coming up!