Episode 51:

How did you get our number?

Rebecca and Mari share with you the weirdest questions they’ve been asked by visitors in the office, over the phone, and email. For some reason, people think that Great Falls Montana Tourism is an information center and we know where to find the notary public in Helena that didn’t seal a document correctly, have recommendations for hikes in a different state, or can print out a map from Montana to Alaska because they didn’t want to buy one. We know a lot about things in Great Falls, what the white stuff is on the side of the road, and where to find the falls. But some of these questions have us googling for answers for nearly an hour. 


Show Notes and Pull Quotes

Sorry, we don’t have maps of other cities in Montana, or the country. We have a map of where to find the falls, a city map, a River’s Edge Trail map, and the Montana State Highway map.

And yes, we aren’t lying when people want us to plan their trip from Florida and know areas to see around the route. We’re surprised that you want our help.

What is an appropriate amount of craft cocktails to have?

And no, not everything is closed on Monday. If you want to make sure a special experience is included for your trip, make sure to plan ahead and be here when your dream attractions are open.