Episode 50:

License to Kill

Rebecca and Mari tell you everything they know about the secret hunting spots near Great Falls, Montana, which is nothing. They know nothing about hunting in the area, secret spots, or why people adorn themselves with deer pee. But, they two attempt to relay some information about wildlife that you can hunt in and outside of town. Shed hunting has nothing to do with ghost towns, so don’t listen to Mari. 


Show Notes and Pull Quotes

Robert, we promise that we aren’t shared the metadata from the hunting photo where you’re in your secret location. But please know, no one can tell where you are!

Would you be a shed buyer or a shed hunter?

We do know that while you’re hiking and you find a shed, you can take it home with you.

If you want to read the papers that we had as our resources for hunting information (that we clearly didn’t read), you can get them from Fish and Wildlife.

If you hit a deer with your car, you have 24-hours to get a wildlife salvage permit and take possession of the animal.

Good luck if you are trying to enter the lottery for a tag for elk and moose!