Episode 49:

Are you ready to become famous?

Rebecca and Mari are excited to be moving to their new office location…above grounds. They want an artist to create a masterpiece on the new office’s feature wall – which is sure to be the next selfie center in Great Falls, Montana, as well as the promised backdrop for every time they’re on the news. Do you have what it takes to become this kind of famous? Complete the application now, or urge your friends to!


Show Notes and Pull Quotes

Our new location will host all our operations, including offices for our staff, a podcast studio, and a reception area where we greet in-market guests excited about their time in best dam town in Montana, Great Falls.

One seating area is going to be near our feature wall, which everyone will see once they open the doors to the new space. As Montana’s Basecamp for Art & Adventure, we want to showcase our city’s energy with a mural that will inspire people to take photos in front of, including a neon Great Falls, Montana sign. (The millennials are making us do it.)

We have some ideas for the space, but we know that only a true artist can capture our ideas, the energy of Great Falls, and put them all together as a mural. Here is the project, down to the nitty-gritty:

THE PROJECT: Great Falls Montana Tourism is searching for an artist to complete a mural at their new office location at 15 Overlook Drive in Great Falls, Montana. Great Falls Montana Tourism would like to invite artists that live in Great Falls, Montana to apply to be considered for this public art opportunity.

The featured wall where the artist will create their masterpiece is approximately 8 feet wide and well over 10 feet tall. The project does not have to cover the entire wall, but we would like it to be at least 8 feet wide by 8 feet tall.

ARTIST ELIGIBILITY: The project is open to artists residing in Great Falls, Montana. All eligible applicants, regardless of race, sex, religion, nationality, origin or disability, will be considered.


REQUIRED SUBMISSION MATERIALS:  Applications must be submitted electronically using the form below to include attachments. All application criteria must be met, or application may not be considered. Submit all applications no later than October 21, 2021 a 11:59 PM. Great Falls Montana Tourism will review the applications for completeness. Applications received after the deadline may not be considered. All questions about the application process should be directed to Great Falls Montana Tourism via email or by calling 406-761-4436.

Application MUST complete the below form and in addition the following attachments are required:

  1. Current resume detailing your experience as an artist and any past public art projects
  2. Five artwork images illustrating your best works. It is suggested that these pieces have relevance to public art commissions, if possible. Each piece of documentation must be clearly identified with the artist’s name, title of work, size, and installation location, if appropriate. DO NOT provide website addresses or links directing the Selection Committee to examples of your work. It is the responsibility of each Artist to select the five (5) works which best illustrate their capabilities. Artists that do not have public art experience are still encouraged to apply.

Great Falls Montana Tourism New Office Mural Project Timeline

October 21, 2021: Submission Deadline. Submit applications no later than October 21, 2021 at 11:59 PM.

October 22-26, 2021: Applications reviewed by selection committee which includes Great Falls Montana Tourism staff.

October 27, 2021: Finalists announced. The selection committee will schedule interviews with finalists through conference calls or personal interviews.

November 1, 2021: Commission awarded. The selection committee will solidify details of the standard public art contract agreement between the selected artist and Great Falls Montana Tourism.

Soon after: Let the art begin! Once the art is finished, an opening reception will be held to unveil the artist’s masterpiece!

Great Falls Montana Tourism reserves the right to change the project timeline.

Please direct all application questions and considerations to Great Falls Montana Tourism via email or by calling 406-761-4436.