Episode 47:

Born in The River

Rebecca and Mari have Craig Madsen, the owner of Montana River Outfitters, on the podcast to talk about his 44 years on the Missouri River. Craig puts Mari through the ringer, and claims his business is Mari-proof, that Mari cannot cook, and claims he has the perfect job for her. It takes us a few minutes to get warmed up on this episode, but you’ll want to stick around. 


Show Notes and Pull Quotes

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You aren’t guaranteed to catch a fish when you go on a guided trip with Montana River Outfitters. Even though Mari thinks that having a dead fish on a string for emergencies is a good idea, the guides don’t do that.

Here are some pictures of that large float trip that Craig mentioned, and it looks like they had a blast!

Craig got the worst catch of the day once, himself…on the lip. But he recommends always wearing eye protection, especially while fly fishing.

So we kinda of edited a part of the podcast, but not really. We asked Craig what a blue ribbon stream meant, and interrupted his answer quite a bit. Don’t worry though, he called us after the podcast and wanted to make sure everyone knew what a blue ribbon stream was. It means the best, but we will link an article here for you to read about it more.

The Eye of The Needle no longer exists, and Mari had no idea.

If you want to head up our ideas for getting people on the river, let us know!

So you’re the dam expert? Let us know if our claim is wrong.