Episode 46:

How to Get The Mayor to Buy You a Beer

Rebecca and Mari have The Mayor of Great Falls, Bob Kelly, on the podcast to talk about what a mayor does all day, and why visitors love our community and even want to move here. If you remember, Rebecca and Mari received fan mail from Matthew Hoagland, a listener out of North Carolina and author of Think Small: A Millennial’s Guide to Building a Meaningful Life in Rural America. Matt expressed interest in Great Falls and when Rebecca told Mayor Kelly about him, the mayor made a point to visit him on his upcoming trip out east. So, if you want The Mayor to buy you a beer, come to Great Falls and give him a call.


Show Notes and Pull Quotes

Like The Mayor, we get phone calls from people with questions that we don’t really have the answer to, we just know who does. If you saw a snake on a trail, please don’t call us. If we (Mari) doesn’t return your phone call immediately, please don’t call The Mayor and tattle on her.

The River’s Edge Trail is 53 miles long, not 52.

If you don’t like the outdoors, you may not like Great Falls. We are Montana’s Museum Capital, so there is plenty of culture and history in our community too. And yes, our Great Falls Symphony is good.

So you’re the dam expert? Let us know if our claim is wrong.