Episode 42:

The Good Idea Fairy

Rebecca and Mari have Brian Thompson, one of the owners of The Hi-Line Climbing Center, and what we lovingly call The Good Idea Fairy. Brian not only knows where to rock climb in Great Falls and the surrounding area (besides his indoor gym), but also knows the ins and outs of floating The White Cliffs.


Show Notes and Pull Quotes

Once again, drop off a canoe at our office, and we’ll know what it’s for. However, like Brian and others have said, you’ll probably use the canoe once and then get a raft.

The raft lets you pack all the materials you need for the float, let’s everyone but one person relax during the float, since someone has to man the oar. You can float the White Cliffs in about 5 days, but you can do it in 3 days if you push your way through it and don’t do a lay over day to enjoy camping and hiking.

Brian typically puts in at Coal Banks boat launch and take out at Judith Landing, roughly 50 miles. Logistically, you rely on a shuttle company to move your car to where you plan on taking out.

Besides sunscreen, make sure to pack bug spray, layers of clothes, a canopy if you want to enjoy some shade, rain coats that can be used as a wind breaker too,  camping supplies, and a cooler.

If you want to talk to the Good Idea Fairy in person, aka Brian, stop in at The Hi-Line Climbing Center during your next visit to Great Falls!

So you’re the dam expert? Let us know if our claim is wrong.