Episode 41:

The Mountain Man

Rebecca and Mari join Jeremiah Johnson in his production facility in Downtown Great Falls to get a look at the growing Jeremiah Johnson Brewing Co. production, learn about his beer, as well as reflect as to why they love Great Falls, Montana…all while having a beer.


Show Notes and Pull Quotes

It was a hot summer day, 95 degrees to be exact. Rebecca and Mari had just recorded an impromptu episode with Joel Corda (and he remembered his guitar) in their podcast studio. They then quickly packed up their podcast equipment, drove to Jeremiah Johnson Brewing Co. production facility in Downtown Great Falls, and started setting for their episode with The Mountain Man. But then nothing worked. And Jason wasn’t there to help. Then there was a spark on a cord. And it was hot (we said that already). So the podcast equipment didn’t work, but we were there, the beer was cold, and we had an iPhone. So we went with it, and recorded our episode with Jeremiah surrounded by empty beer cans on an iPhone that sat on a plastic table. Either way, our conversation with Jeremiah was set up to talk about beer, but once again, we talk about our love for Great Falls as well.

So you’re the dam expert? Let us know if our claim is wrong.