Episode 37:

That’s What Tree Said

Rebecca and Mari have Colin Threlkeld on the podcast, a self-proclaimed Doctor of Invasive Species in Montana. Colin visited with the Great Falls Montana Tourism team in the beginning of June and gave them the most amazing presentation about invasive species in our area, and the impacts on recreation and tourism in our state. We loved the presentation so much, we had Colin on the podcast so he can school you too about pigs, mussels (and muscles), and what trees say.


Show Notes and Pull Quotes

We know, it’s a bit overwhelming to be told that your hiking can cause Armageddon 2. While we would welcome a film with insight into Ben Affleck’s life with Live Tyler after Bruce Willis died, we want it to remain fiction. Your actions in the wild can not only cause species to spread where they shouldn’t be, but it can also cause conditions more susceptible to wildfires, ruin our dams (and you know we love our dams), and ultimately cause more restrictions while recreating, threaten our ecosystem, and economy. Very serious stuff, but we introduce the topic in a light-hearted manner. Clean, Drain, Dry. Play, Clean, Go. Don’t move firewood. We want you to know what’s what tree said.

Need the official word from Colin and his colleagues? Visit InvasiveSpecies.MT.GOV for more information.

What are you thoughts on the Zebra Mussels?

So you’re the dam expert? Let us know if our claim is wrong.