Episode 35:

The Keepers of The Buffalo

Rebecca and Mari address another popular question they get from visitors and locals alike. Second to asking “Where are the falls?” they field a lot of questions about the buffalo roaming around Great Falls. Locals ask questions with such authority, since they are the keeper of the buffalos, and visitors want to know where to find the one buffalo that is mixed with a fish. We’ll tell you everything we know, and everything we copied from the book that we weren’t supposed to copy.


Show Notes and Pull Quotes

The Great Buffalo Hunt is one of our many unique features of Great Fall, Montana. Once upon a time, the buffalo roamed the plains in the hundreds of thousands. Their importance to the Plains Indians made them Monarchs of the Plain. The Buffalo Hunt project is a celebration of the Buffalo and the culture, history, and art of the area they once roamed. 26 life-size fiberglass buffalo and calves were created and sponsored, then artists painted their buffalo. Upon completion, the herd was unveiled in May 2005. Today, these buffalo reside around Great Falls, and a great way to see all the buffalo is by participating in the Buffalo hunt. The Buffalo Hunt is a celebration of artists and art, culture, and history, fun and friendship, community pride and participation. Let the Hunt Begin!

So you’re the dam expert? Let us know if our claim is wrong.