Episode 30:

Grottos and Head Tattoos 

With the recent edition of the River’s Edge Trail to Peloton’s scenic ride options, Rebecca and Mari re-record their episode about the River’s Edge Trail, since the one released December 2020 was fairly short. We want to make sure our new, larger audience knows about our beloved trail system, and the best dam town in Montana, Great Falls. 


Rest In Peace, Piano Pat. You will be missed by all.

Have you done the River’s Edge Trail scenic ride on Peloton? Make sure you tell us, we would love to hear your story.

Box Elder creek and the photo we mentioned, the word we were thinking of is grotto. Obviously, we remembered it and made sure that it was included in the episode title.

The Great Falls Sign War is still happening, search for recent signs using the #gfsignwars hashtag.

So you’re the dam expert? Let us know if our claim is wrong.