Episode 3: 

Montana’s National Park, the Pretty Park: Glacier National Park.

Your hosts, Rebecca Engum and Marisela Hazzard, talk about the pretty park, Glacier National Park and the best time to day trip from basecamp.

This is the first episode that Rebecca and Mari recorded for YouTube! The audio may be a bit off, but don’t worry, we’re consulting an expert.


Show Notes and Pull Quotes

Get the latest information about Glacier National Park’s 2022 Ticketed System here

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Glacier National Park is the First National Peace Park.

See what the Goat Stamp looks like here.

The same species that roamed the earth in the 1800s during Lewis and Clark’s Expedition, are still found in Glacier National Park. 

“The Going to the Sun Road is the jewel of the Crown of the Continent” said Marisela Hazzard.

Plan your jammer / red bus tour here.

Hiking in Glacier National Park.

We mentioned two trails: Swiftcurrent Nature Trail and Grinnell Glacier Glacier Trail.

Fees and Pass for Glacier National Park found here.

Here is how to enjoy Glacier National Park on boat.

Hike Glacier National Park and other trails in the area with the Montana Wilderness Association Island Range Chapter.

Get information about Glacier Sun Tours here.

Yes, you can look good in layers and Bighorn Outfitters Specialists and Scheels can help.

Get even more tips and tricks to enjoy the east side of Glacier here.

We Recorded our First Podcast for YouTube!

Recorded Claims Explained

Will The Celtic Cowboy ever host our podcast? Tell them they should, here.

Nope, the First International Peace Park was solidified in 1932, not 1935.

Hypothermia in the summer, it’s a thing.

Glacier National Park has 18 native fish species and 7 non-native fish species, not 2.

Great Falls, Montana has an elevation of 3,330 feet.

Gable Pass and Mt. Cleveland explained here.

Free Dates at Glacier National Park Explained: In January, it is free to enter on Martin Luther King Jr., Day. In April is is free to enter on The First Day of National Park Week/National Junior Ranger Day. In August, it is free to enter the park on the National Park Service Birthday (so we weren’t far off on our guess). In September, it is free to enter on National Public Lands Day. These observed dates change with each year, so check your calendar! It is also free to enter the park on Veterans Day, November 11.

Yeah, the Bob Marshall Wilderness is pretty too.

So you’re the dam expert? Let us know if our claim is wrong.