Episode 26:

Just Roll With It

Rebecca and Mari are often told awesome stories about adventuring in Great Falls, Montana. Wanting to share the stories with their listeners, they invited a friend on the podcast for a short talk about his experience white water kayaking in the Sluice Boxes. Roland Taylor tells us about going there with friends during spring run-off, as well as that one time he saw a real-life lion. After the short conversation with Roland, Rebecca and Mari read a blog post written by their friend, Enya Spicer, about her memorable hike in Memorial Falls, and give their take on her experience. Like this style of an episode? Let us know by emailing us at podcast@visitgreafalls.org.


Show Notes and Pull Quotes

When we shared our Sluice Boxes episode on Facebook, we asked if anyone had been white water kayaking in Sluice Boxes, and Roland commented saying he had. We emailed back and forth and told him about an idea we had for an episode style, where we shared short stories about adventures in Great Falls. We also have guest blog posts about adventure in the Basecamp, and one of our favorites is about a not so perfect hike that created a perfect memory. We decided to read Enya’s story and give our take on the experience. So do you know? Are there two waterfalls on the Memorial Falls hike?

So you’re the dam expert? Let us know if our claim is wrong.