Episode 24:

Aliens in Great Falls

Rebecca and Mari have Scott Lettre, the General Manager of the Great Falls Voyagers, as a guest on the podcast. Scott shares with us the story of how an alien sighting in the 1950s is the reason behind the team’s name, their upcoming season as in their new independent league, and more events happening at Centene Stadium summer of 2021.


Show Notes and Pull Quotes

Scott Lettre is the General Manager of the Great Falls Voyagers, but according to him, its a good thing that he isn’t responsible for scouting the talent for the team. New this season, the Great Falls Voyagers are a part of an independent league for the MLB. If you’re a minor league baseball nerd, you’ll understand what Scott says. If you’re like Rebecca and Mari, you’ll just want to know that the games are awesome, the beer is cold, and the home team (that’s the Voyagers) will win this year’s championship.

The Great Falls Voyagers’ season open is May 26, 2021. Make sure you’re in Great Falls to cheer on the home team!

Here’s a look of the events happening at Centene Stadium this summer:

So you’re the dam expert? Let us know if our claim is wrong.