Episode 21:

Sluice Goose Caboose

Rebecca and Mari have Avery Patrick, the new owner of Showdown Montana, on the podcast. She tells us about the upcoming events at Montana’s first ski hill, tips on winning the Mannequin Jump, and how she got out of ski school as a kid.

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Show Notes and Pull Quotes

Winter isn’t over in the Basecamp, and we still have a little less than a month to ski at Montana’s first Ski Hill: Showdown Montana!

We’re also looking for some awesome photos of the buffalo at Showdown Montana, so if you have a picture of Montana Ski Buff, send it our way!

It’s not too late to ski for yourself!

March 13, 2021: Brock Stokke Bump Off & Tacky Attire

March 27, 2021: Great Falls Ski Club Mannequin Jump

April 3, 2021: Pond Skim & Closing Day

Get the most up to date info on Showdown Montana’s website, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram!

So you’re the dam expert? Let us know if our claim is wrong.