Episode 18:

Pow Wows and Rodeos
Part 2 of The Native American Influence in Great Falls.

Rebecca and Mari share the second part of their conversation with James Parker Shield, who tells us about Native American Culture and Influence in Great Falls, Montana. Continuing the conversation from Episode 14: Buffalo Don’t Jump, James tells us about how pow wows and rodeos are related, tasty Native American food, and beautiful Native American art.


Show Notes and Pull Quotes

We know, we sounded awesome in Episode 16 and 17, thanks to Jason Laird, our new Sales Director who is also an audio genius. This episode was initially recorded on January 11, 2021, before Jason was on our team. So the audio quality is a little bit lower, but Rebecca calls is “authentic.” Jason did some editing to it, so it does sound better than Episode 14, Buffalo Don’t Jump. We hope you enjoy Part 2 of the Native American Culture and Influence in Great Falls, Montana!

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