Episode 17:

The KellerGeist Cult

Rebecca and Mari still sound amazing as ever with their new studio set-up. They have Matz and Jolene Schalper on the podcast as Montana State Park experts, even though they did get lost on a river. We talk where to float, secrets to floatings permits, as well as where Matz almost died on his inaugural Death March. The conversation continues with live music, Sasquatch hunts, stein holds, and focuses on Rebecca and Mari trying to buy their permanent seats at KellerGeist Pub Theater.


Show Notes and Pull Quotes

It’s hard to put KellerGeist Pub Theater into words. It really is a truly unique experience in Great Falls, and in Montana. The owners, Matz and Jolene are Great Falls Champions and they do it all. They take advantage of all the outdoor recreation in the area, even though Mari thinks they do a little too much. Besides owning a bar, renovating said bar, and being the best characters in town, they also have pub pop-up parties, create city-wide events, and being in the live music scene, they also hunt Sasquatch and have a Death March every year.

We’ll add all the state parks that Matz and Jolene have been to soon, along with some pictures! If you want to know them sooner, email us! 

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So you’re the dam expert? Let us know if our claim is wrong.