Episode 15:

Don’t cross that line, or it’s a $25K fine

Rebecca and Mari asked Kelley Aline to join them as a guest, but not as expert, to tell us about her once in a lifetime experience with Carol Seltzer while touring the O.C. Selzter Exhibit at The C.M. Russell Museum. Rebecca was there too, and almost received a $25,000 fine. But when this Great Falls Champion starts talking about the community she loves, the conversation expanded to talk about even more art, culture, and outdoor adventures  that are to be experience from the Basecamp.


Show Notes and Pull Quotes

Kelley Aline and Rebecca toured the O.C. Seltzer Exhibit in 2019 and had the once in a lifetime opportunity to have Carol Selzter walk them through the exhibit. Carol is married to Steve Seltzer, who is the grandson to O.C. Seltzer. The insider information they received about C.M. Russell helping with a painting that no one knows about and stories of O.C. as a grandpa, made this tour one for the books.

After Kelley Aline was invited to be on the podcast, she did her research about O.C. Seltzer and was invited to tour Carol and Steve’s personal art collection in their home. It helped that Kelley and Carol volunteered together for years for Kelley to get this coveted invitation.

Asher, Kelley’s son, even joined in our touring Carol and Steve’s personal part collection after seeing the new O.C. Seltzer wing at The C.M. Russell Museum. If it can keep an 8-years interest, it can probably keep yours. Don’t underestimate your kids; interests in museums when planning your trip to Great Falls!

It took Mari about 45 minutes to realize that she met Kelley and her son Asher before, during a video/photo shoot at Mighty Mo Brewing Co. In Mari’s defense, she isn’t the only one that didn’t recognize Kelley in her glasses and work attire.

Kelley, like many of our other Great Falls Champions, loves the River’s Edge Trail and the outdoor recreation opportunities it provides.

The Bob Marshall Wilderness is a great day trip from Great Falls. There, you can hike to the Chinese Wall, one of seven natural wonders you can see from space.

So you’re the dam expert? Let us know if our claim is wrong.