Episode 0: 


Rebecca and Mari spontaneously record their first episode of their podcast series, We’re No Dam Experts. In this episode, Rebecca and Mari introduce themselves as hosts, as well as their podcast and give perfect example as to why they are no dam experts.


Show Notes and Pull Quotes

So there they were, in Great Falls, Montana, lovingly called “Basecamp.” To be more exact, they were in the lower level suite of 100 1st Ave N, in a converted storage closet turned podcast studio. Rebecca had was adjusting mics, headphones, and the soundboard. They couldn’t figure out which mic to choose for the input, and then all of a sudden, they had audio.

We’re No Dam Experts is the recorded claims from Great Falls, Montana. The hosts are no dam experts, but they know some stuff. Great Falls Montana Tourism’s CEO, Rebecca Engum, and Content Director, Marisela Hazzard, give their best dam try at creating a podcast that will educate, entertain, and make them famous.

In “Episode 0 : We Have Audio,” the two hosts lay out the first five episodes of their podcast that center around the theme of Great Falls being Montana’s Basecamp for Art & Adventure. And if you haven’t noticed, Great Falls is also Montana’s Greatest Dam Town.

1 – Great Falls, Montana Introduction : Where Great Falls is located, our size, what we are known for, and why you should keep listening.

2 – Where are The Falls? : The most asked question that Great Falls Montana Tourism fields from their in-market guests, and the most difficult to answer.

3 – Glacier National Park : Montana’s pretty park. Located 2.5 hours to the north from Great Falls, Montana, Glacier National Park is a day trip from basecamp and not to be missed.

4- Yellowstone National Park: The Science Park. Located 3.5 hours to the south of Great Falls, Montana, but located in Wyoming. Montana has five entrances to the park.

5- Mermaids. The #1 Bar in the World Worth Flying for, according to GQ magazine, The Sip ‘n Dip Lounge has real mermaids that swim behind the tiki bar.

So you’re the dam expert? Let us know if our claim is wrong.