Great Falls, Montana Residents, Rebecca Engum and Marisela Hazzard, record their claims of all things related to The Best Dam Town in Montana.


Episode 26:

Just Roll With It

Episode 25:

Our “Tuesdays with Morrie” Champion Chat with Mr. Bash

Episode 24:

Aliens in Great Falls

Episode 23:

Street parties are our thing

Episode 22:

Native American Hall of Fame
Part 3 of The Native American Influence in Great Falls

Episode 21:

Sluice Goose Caboose

Episode 20:

Sluice Boxes State Park

Episode 19:

Western Art Week

Episode 18:

Pow wows and Rodeos
Part 2 of The Native American Influence in Great Falls

Episode 17:

Join The KellerGeist Cult

Episode 16:

Give Yourself a 5-Star Review

Episode 15:

Don’t cross that line, or it’s a $25K fine. 

Episode 14:

Buffalo Don’t Jump
Part 1 of The Native American Influence in Great Falls

Episode 13:

Did Charlie Russell Ghost Us?

Episode 12:

If You Can Walk, You Can Snowshoe

Episode 11:

Joel Corda Forgets His Guitar

Episode 10:

River’s Edge Trail

Episode 9:

The Day History Stopped Being Drunk in Great Falls

Episode 8:

Winter is Only for Hibernation if You’re a Bear, and You’re Not a Bear

Episode 7:

Let’s Talk with Our First Dam Art Expert

Episode 6:

The Bests of the Greatest Dam Town

Episode 5:

Mermaids. Yes, Virginia, we have Mermaids.

Episode 4:

The First National Park and The Science Park, Yellowstone National Park

Episode 3:

Montana’s National Park, the Pretty Park: Glacier National Park

Episode 2:

Where are the falls?

Episode 1:

Welcome, to the Greatest Dam Town in Montana: Great Falls.

Episode 0:

We Have Audio.