Drive from Great Falls on I-15 North, turn at Vaughn, and take US 89 north to the small town of Dupuyer. You will be driving parallel to the spectacular Rocky Mountain Front, locally referred to as The Front. Travel north of Dupuyer about 10 miles, turn east toward Valier on MT 44. Drive by Lake Frances although you may want to stop in for dinner at The Lighthouse Restaurant. Continue driving on MT 44 to I-15, then turn north for a short drive to Shelby. Boxing enthusiasts will want to see the boxing gloves and other memorabilia from the Dempsey-Gibbons heavyweight championship fight held here in 1923.

They are displayed at the Marias Museum of History located in town. Continue driving on US Highway 2 east to Chester. Locally made gifts are for sale at the Liberty Village Arts Center and you’ll need plenty of time to learn area history with a visit to the well-cared for Liberty County Museum. Drive south on MT 223 through what is called the Golden Triangle (for all of the wheat grown here) to the junction of 223 and US 87 near Fort Benton, then drive US 87 back to Great Falls.


Duration: 4 hours, 45 minutes
Distance: 282 miles [478km]
Highlights: Hot springs, dinosaur fossils, a castle, and an Amish shop dot this scenic drive.

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