The Celtic Cowboy, Montana’s best Irish Pub, was nominated for 7 different awards from Irish Pub Global. On October 10th, owner Wayne Thares was elated to accept the award for the best North American Sport Experience. Not the best sport experience in Montana, the West, or even the US; the best sport experience in all of North America!

The Celtic Cowboy won the award for their sponsorship of many local sports programs such as the University of Montana Hurling Club, The University of Providence soccer program, the Great Falls Voyagers, and Americans Hockey semi-pro teams. While they were in Dublin, Celtic Cowboy members learned how to create a better Irish pub atmosphere. Wayne toured the Guinness Storehouse, The Irish Whisky Museum, and a salvage yard full of pieces and parts from old pubs available for resale.

The Celtic Cowboy was also a finalist in the following categories: Best Craft Beer Experience, Best Gastro Pub, Best Food Experience, Best Irish Community Pub, Best Chef, and Best Marketing Campaign.