In 2014, Great Falls Montana Tourism secured the services of a consultant to determine if Great Falls Montana could support a multipurpose event center, and if it could, where should that center be placed. The study concluded that Great Falls could support a multipurpose event center and that the best location for that center was Montana ExpoPark.

Great Falls Montana Tourism worked with Cascade County Commissioners and Montana ExpoPark staff to determine what the future of Montana ExpoPark looks like with a multipurpose event center. Consultants were secured to look closely at what the market demands, and what the market would be able to support in considering improvements related to infrastructure, increased grounds use, additional building improvements, additional opportunity with building improvements, and Great Falls, Montana’s ability to support the growth of Montana ExpoPark.

Today, we have a proposed plan that is supported by the market and provides a future for the 133-acre park.  That future includes the construction of a new multipurpose event center, a new livestock arena, expanded RV service, new barns and a repurposed livestock pavilion which will provide for 90 new events annually and $9 million of economic impact annually. This future comes at a $130 million price tag. Since the plan is proposed on public owned property, funding options are limited and include the consideration of a bond.

Montana ExpoPark Improvement Study Report 2020

Appendix A: Comparable Facility Case Studies

Appendix B: Site Master Plan & Conceptual Design 

Appendix C: Final Site Master Plan 

Appendix D: Topographic & Utility Survey

Appendix E: Program Cost Detail

Appendix F: Summary Presentation (Feb 2020)


2014 Great Falls Montana Multipurpose Event Center Feasibility Study

2011 Montana ExpoPark Market Demand, Financial Feasibility, and Economic Impact Study Report