Great Falls Montana is a place for independent, outdoor adventurers and planners of meetings looking for a true, authentic Montana experience, located on the Missouri River in the heart of Montana provides a basecamp for a wide range of outdoor adventures and offers a haven of rich arts, culture, and history in a vibrant, modern community where an expansive, unspoiled, diverse landscape renews one’s spirit.

Great Falls Montana Tourism is looking for projects that grow our economy through increased lodging room nights and visitor spending in Great Falls, Montana! The grant funds are strategically invested in projects that generate NEW overnight stays in Great Falls, with a high preference to non-peak visitation times.

The marketing focus of Great Falls Montana Tourism is visitors who will travel into Great Falls from a distance that will require them to spend a night. The primary markets for Great Falls Montana Tourism include the Montana cities of Missoula, Kalispell, Billings, Canadian Provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan and US States of Washington, Illinois, Idaho, North Dakota, Colorado, California, Minnesota, Wyoming, and Arizona.

Great Falls Montana Tourism focuses on projects that have
• sustainable businesses model to fund operations, such as paid attendees and sponsorships
• appeal to visitors from Great Falls Montana Tourism’s primary market
• enough lead time that visitors could incorporate the event in their travel planning
• positive economic impact for Great Falls

Great Falls Montana Tourism is looking for a partner to assist in strengthening the Great Falls Montana economy by being the preferred choice for a genuine Montana experience through the promotion of Great Falls Montana as a preferred destination for travelers, tourists and conventions to visit, stay, experience, and return.

The funds being requested are made available through the lodging facilities of Great Falls, Montana. Great Falls Montana Tourism receives $1.00 from every occupied room night in Great Falls, Montana through the Tourism Business Improvement District. These funds are used to aid in promotion and marketing of Great Falls Montana.

If approved, an investment agreement will be executed between your organization and Great Falls Montana Tourism. After an executed investment agreement, 50% of the approved investment will be dispersed, from an invoice, prior to the project start. The final 50% will be dispersed, from an invoice, after receipt of a completed impact report, upon the completion of the project. If 75% of the committed new hotel room nights listed on the application are not realized, 50% of potential grant funds will not be awarded.

Funds should be viewed as money to assist with events in the formative years and should not be viewed as a guaranteed continuous source of funding. There is no set number of grants awarded in any year.

Great Falls Montana Tourism requires all funding requests be received a minimum of 120 days prior to project implementation. Applications are accepted all year long.

Once a completed application is received, your project will be scheduled for review at the next available Great Falls Montana Tourism Meeting. You will be notified when your project has been added to the agenda.

Any organization or individual that meets the purpose and objective is eligible to apply.

Applications will provide the following.
1. Proof of match for the requested grant funds
2. Process to generate, track and report hotel room nights and economic impact of the event.
3. Marketing plan, budget worksheet and planning timeline
4. Event history data, including number of hotel rooms booked, attendance and financial reports. Applies only to established projects, occurring previously.
5. A host hotel is acceptable to promote as long as clear message indicates other properties are available and can be found on Great Falls Montana Tourism’s website,
6. Project impact report. See REPORTING.

1. Investment provided will be used for tourism marketing and promotion.
2. As appropriate, marketing will provide an inclusive list of Great Falls, Montana lodging properties. A list is available at Great Falls Montana Tourism’s website:
3. Where and when appropriate, acknowledge Great Falls Montana Tourism’s investment with either the Visit Great Falls Montana logo or the statement “Investment made in partnership with Great Falls Montana Tourism using local tourism funding.”
4. Great Falls Montana Tourism would like the opportunity to promote all the other experiences Great Falls, Montana offers, sustainably, where and when appropriate, at the discretion of the partner. Promotion opportunities Great Falls Montana Tourism would consider:
a. Great Falls, Montana Welcome Table with local information.
b. Listing of experiences in Great Falls, Montana preceding and proceeding your event.
c. Welcome letter sent to participants.
d. Event program ad, welcome introduction, or prize entry opportunity.
e. Other mutually beneficial endeavors.
5. When discussing Great Falls, Montana, “Montana” will always be spelled out in its entirety.

Great Falls Montana Tourism requires reporting regarding the impact your funded project had on Great Falls. Failure to comply with Agreements and Reporting will affect future investment. If final report is not provided by the investment agreement date, remaining funding will not be awarded. Reports should include required items outlined in Investment Agreement. Sample reporting requirements could include, but are not limited to:

1. The summary of income and expenses.
2. Samples of any marketing used to promote the project.
a. Great Falls Montana Tourism’s logo or statement of investment must be present.
b. As appropriate, marketing should provide an inclusive list of Great Falls, Montana lodging properties. A list is available at Great Falls Montana Tourism’s website:
3. Number of attendees/participants at the project/event and where they came from; either by zip/postal code or by County/Municipality and State/Province.
4. Number of rooms, by night, used at Great Falls, Montana lodging facilities.
5. What other activities attendees participated in while in Great Falls Montana for this project.
6. The level of event growth that was a result of the grant funds received.

Sample surveys can be provided for your use. Visit Great Falls App surveys are also available to collect data.

Download Marketing Grant Application