We’re feeling the feedback, and as the old saying goes, “The Customer’s Always Right.”


“After planning multiple events that included city tours, I cannot imagine a more accommodating community. My team was able to organize a downtown tour that included six different locations and they all included food and beverages for our guests with no work on our end at all! It provided a perfect, one of a kind, summer evening activity. It was an evening not soon forgotten by all in attendance of that years Montana Young Professional Summit.”

“Great Falls is truly a friendly and accommodating city for all of your event needs large or small. The number of places from hotels to restaurant’s and local businesses that were willing to go above and beyond for our event was astounding. There are a great number of unique treasures you can find to make your event more memorable. When hosting the Pioneer League meetings we rented the Great Falls historic trolley and partnered with the local breweries for memorable tour of Great Falls. Whatever you are looking for in an event Great Falls is a place that can make it happen.”

Scott Reasoner, General Manager, Great Falls Voyagers


“The birding in and around Great Falls is superb! Montana Audubon held its annual bird festival there in 2017 with the support of local businesses and other entities, including Great Falls Montana Tourism. The event was a resounding success! Field trips to birding hotspots like Giant Springs, Benton Lake, Freezeout Wildlife Management Area and the Rocky Mountain Front gave our participants ample opportunities to explore magnificent landscapes…and observe many bird species difficult to find elsewhere. The proximity of the Missouri River, nearby wetlands, native prairies as well as mountain ecosystems combine to make Great Falls a fantastic destination for birders.”

David Cronenwett, Communications Director, Montana Audubon


“The Montana High School Association appreciates the work and the support of Great Falls Montana Tourism. The group has been instrumental in hosting a variety of MHSA events, from tournaments to conferences to music festivals.  The success of those events is enhanced by the Great Falls community’s willingness to host all levels of student-based activities.”

Jo Austin, Associate Director, Montana High School Association


“The reason why we go to Great Falls every other year is because it is one of the two largest cities that can accommodate our large group. Great Falls has nice places to eat, it is a great location with easy to navigate streets, and it is very shopper friendly. We can usually find anything we need and that’s why Great Falls is the best site for our group!”

Jayne Elwess, President, Montana School Nutrition Association


“For the past two decades Montana Performing Arts Consortium held, in January of odd-numbered years, our statewide Artist Showcase and Booking Conference in Great Falls. The showcase and conference take place in what is now the Mansfield Center for the Performing Arts.  This facility is a perfect fit for our organization, the stage crew members are very professional and accommodating, and the box office staff bend over backwards to make everything work the way we expect.  Our artists also speak well of the venue and staff, and particularly like having all the conference activities under one roof.  Great Falls’ downtown business community is not also supportive of our event but also very welcoming to our attendees from around Montana and out-of-state.  As an event planner, I highly recommend Great Falls and look forward to returning in 2019.”

John C. Barsness, Executive Director, Montana Performing Arts Consortium