Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art invites you to join the museum in viewing a selection of Western Films from 1930-1960.

The films shown form the cornerstone of subject matter in Gordon McConnell’s research during the creation of his mixed-media paintings in the exhibition When the West Was Won: Recent Works by Gordon McConnell, now on view at the museum. Gordon’s work interrogates the idea of “The West” especially how films of the American West became ingrained in the nation’s visual understanding of American identity and ideas.

The films on view are meant to be viewed and then questioned as a better way to understand the mythos of the West that has been created through the use of dramatic stories about land and place, cinematic icons, gender roles, American ideals, war/violence, and racial stereotypes.

Films are FREE, Admission is FREE

*All showings are Licensed

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April 9, 2021

The Misfits Show Times:



Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art | 1400 1st Ave N, Great Falls, Montana