The Waking the Dead tour will highlight the history and legacy of Great Falls and the people that built Great Falls. The tours, in honor of Paris Gibson, are a unique part of what makes Great Falls Montana’s basecamp for art & adventure, and a preferred destination for history buffs. Every story is painstakingly researched for authenticity and accuracy to ensure each person’s legacy is respectfully honored. When available, family members are the tellers of the stories!

Some of the graves to be featured and their storytellers are:

Paris Gibson, Founder of Great Falls | David Otey

Harry Mitchell, Mayor of Great Falls | Harry Mitchell (grandson)

Joe & Beth Wolf, History Teacher and Community Volunteer | Al Getten

George Montgomery, Actor | Elliot Merja (nephew)

Governor Edwin Norris, Montana Governor | Dirk Larsen

Josephine Trigg, Great Falls Librarian | Karen Conway

Charles Russell, Cowboy Artist | Bill Bronson

Tickets are available at Kaufmans, Great Falls Park & Rec, and the Great Falls Public Library.

June 23 | 1pm