If you haven’t already, make Voices of Christmas a family tradition. This year’s concert features the Great Falls Symphony Orchestra and Symphonic Choir joined by the chorus from Great Falls College MSU. More than 250 musicians will create a wall of magnificent sound.

A holiday concert wouldn’t be complete without a potpourri of popular music. Sleigh Ride is one of the most recorded and played holiday songs of all time, even though it doesn’t even mention Christmas in its lyrics. The piece was originally written for orchestra in 1948 and was first recorded by the Boston Pops. Lyrics were added two years later. Listen for orchestral effects imitating the sounds of a horse clip-clopping and a whip to encourage the horses. In most performances, a percussionist provides these sounds on temple blocks and a slapstick, respectively. Toward the end of the piece, a trumpet mimics the sound of a horse whinnying.

Tickets available November 5

December 2 | 7:30pm