Eklegein Jam Band is a continuously evolving group presenting an eclectic mixture of players and music. The band is comprised of Curtis Thompson (guitar & vocals), Grant Stebbins (bass & vocals), Bruce Auchly (dobro), Geoff Haggard (mandolin & vocals), Jolene Bach (guitar & vocals), TC Hirsch (drums), Todd Keller (drums & vocals) and Greg Frank (guitar & vocals).

The diversity in musicians brings diversity in content and presentation. EJB’s repertoire is in keeping with the name and concept, and includes various original works by band members, as well as covers from artists ranging from Grateful Dead to Nat King Cole, and styles ranging from oldies our grandparents enjoyed to classic rock, bluegrass and folk. The group’s goal is to provide something for everyone and challenge musicians to adapt to the varied styles and genres. 

Experience the Eklegein Jam Band at the Do Bar

December 1 | 9pm