The next exhibition at the Dahl Gallery will feature Eileen Laskowski’s exhibition based on conceptual art practices to reflect thoughts, memories, and experiences.

Eileen Laskowski’s exhibition is based on more conceptual art practices and serve to reflect thoughts, memories, and experiences through the written word. We hope that you come to the Dahl to get lost in your own consciousness as you reflect on the creative process of Great Falls artist Eileen Laskowski. Her exhibition of the written word as art will be on display through November 11. The Dahl is open Monday-Friday 8am-7pm and free to the public.

Lost in Consciousness, Eileen Laskowski | I began writing in place of art-making as a creative outlet to accommodate my schedule as full-time educator, part-time artist, and, just like anyone else out there, full-time-liver-of-life-and-everything-she-throws-our-way. When I couldn’t find the time to sit down and create an artistic image in my mind’s eye, I wrote a phrase in my sketchbook that I hoped would spur that vision later. I soon found that the writings were much more than reminders, but were actually the art themselves.

Journalist Margaret Storm Jameson said that language is memory and metaphor. I think that’s true. Lost in Consciousness is a series of writings as art that depict my consciousness (or lack thereof) as statements that materialized in my mind’s eye during these times of needed creative expression. They serve to reflect thoughts, memories and experiences, and stand alone as images, or metaphors, that depict a time or feeling, transfixed, just like any other work of art. My hope is that others can relate to the writings, and that there are, at least a few of you out there, that are lost in consciousness as well.

October 11 | 3:15pm