You don’t have to freeze to see Memorial Falls when it’s frozen. The normal 1-mile hike at the Memorial Falls Trailhead has great views of the Little Belt Mountains, including Memorial Falls themselves. Depending on your adventure level and tolerance of the cold, spending 1-hour completing the entire loop in freezing temperature may be a bit too long for you. But if you don’t want to miss out on the winter scenery, you can still see Memorial Falls when it’s at its coldest. Skip the loop, and cut to the chase by spending about 30 minutes outside while hiking out and back to the falls, a total of 0.6 miles.

Quick Facts for Memorial Falls Hike

Travel Time to Trailhead: 1 hour 5 minutes

GPS Coordinates: 46.91275551536322, -110.69856030533808

Google Map Address: 3557 US-89, Neihart, MT 59465

Straight Distance to see Memorial Falls: 12 – 15 minutes

Recommended Footwear: Snow Boots

The hike is family-friendly, and even in freezing temperatures, you’ll see plenty of other hikers on the trail. A child carrier can help if you plan on completing the whole loop or help little ones who aren’t ready to brave the snow on their own. The drive to Memorial Falls is scenic, and Sluice Boxes State Park is along the route, so it can also be another stop on the way or back from the trailhead. If you’re ready for the winter hike, you’ll see the frozen falls, and if you’re lucky, hear them too, like in the below video!



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