We had our Instagram followers share their favorite things to do in Great Falls the other week. Typically, we share photos on our Instagram that highlight day hikes, day trips, and scenic drives from Great Falls that showcase our diverse landscapes and show opportunities for nature photography. But for this particular post, we asked them to share their favorite things to do in town. So here are your official top 3 things to do in Great Falls list, according to the best followers:

  1. Giant Springs State Park


Giant Springs State Park is Montana’s most visited state park and often appears on the list for the best things to do in Great Falls, and for a good reason. Located about half a mile from the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center, Giant Springs State Park is home to the world’s shortest river (rumor has it that there may be a shorter river, but we won’t recognize that), North America’s largest natural water springs, and North America’s longest river, the Missouri River. The walkway along the springs doesn’t have a railing either, so don’t tell anyone since we’re afraid they’ll put one up. If you push all the fun and historical facts aside, Giant Springs State Park is also just beautiful. In fact, one picture of Giant Springs State Park Park that we shared on our Instagram was the first post we had to reach over 400 likes. We know it’s a big deal. Almost as big as the viral video we took of Giant Springs State Park in the winter when it was near -40F, but it looked like a winter wonderland.


  1. River’s Edge Trail


In town, and miles outside of it, our beloved River’s Edge Trail is 53 miles of trail system along both sides of the Missouri River, what we lovingly call The Mighty Mo. Whether it is a painted #GreatFallsRocks rock hidden along the path, an octopus made from scrap metal, a buffalo and trout combined into one piece of art, a frozen waterfall, bike repair station, boat launch, or place to have a dam good time, the River’s Edge Trail offers something for everyone.


  1. Food, Drinks, and Fun


For a large group of followers who enjoy outdoor recreation pictures, they sure did list a lot of food, drinks, and fun options in Great Falls. Coming in at number three for the best things to do in Great Falls: Satisfy your appetite for local food, craft drinks, and have fun while you’re doing it. City Bar now has their world-famous Tom & Jerry’s available (and yes, they ship). KellerGeist is always entertaining and has their Gluehwein on the menu now. If you want to go to the #1 Irish Pub in Montana with your friend, and need some friendly competition, try their Dart Room. Elevation 3330 is one of our favorite places downtown, and with bellowing drinks and a Christmas Costume Bash with El Wencho, it will stay on the top of our list. Even though we may not finish one of Street Burgers’ Phat Cowz in one sitting, we’re thankful that you can take the cowz to go to continue the sugar rush at home. And at the end of the day, we know that Enbar will have the best fries, fancy dinners, and craft cocktails waiting for us.

And coming in a close fourth place with an honorable mention: Mermaids. Great Falls wouldn’t be what it is today without those famous mermaids in the Sip ‘n Dip’s tank.

Thank you to our Instagram followers for sharing their favorite things to do in Great Falls, Montana, and for sharing their photos with us constantly. We love seeing you out exploring The Best Dam Town in Montana!