Imagine your boss telling you that you’re starting a podcast at work and that you will be one of the cohosts. She wants to become famous, take over international charts, and start a world stadium tour. Having no idea how to podcast or what the episodes will be like, you begin to question yourself…and your boss. Fast forward to almost a year later, and you and your boss are receiving fan mail from listeners all over the country. Your podcast has ranked nationally and internationally in multiple categories. It turns out your boss is right, except for the world stadium tour portion.

And then you get an email from the Great Falls Symphony’s Executive Director and Music Director, inviting you and your boss to be the emcees for the symphony’s Halloween performance. Without hesitation, you accept because this collaboration will kick off your world stadium tour, and you get the best seats in the house to enjoy the Great Falls Symphony.

Let me back up for a second. If you aren’t sure which podcast I am referring to, it’s the one produced by Great Falls Montana Tourism, We’re No Dam Experts, which is the recorded claims from Great Falls, Montana, hosted by two people who know some dam stuff, but are by no means experts. Rebecca and I share Montana’s Greatest Dam Town with listeners weekly. We had the Great Falls Symphony on the podcast twice, and our listeners loved the episodes just as much as we did. Knowing that we all worked so well together, the symphony asked us to be guests for their performance.

Not only was this an incredible opportunity and honor to emcee the performance, but it was also a ton of fun. I’m going to share some of what happened behind the scenes so that you’ll know just how much work is put into a performance and get you to attend one of their upcoming concerts.

  • The symphony practices, a lot. Behind each performance, there are multiple rehearsals, dress rehearsals, and rewrites to make the best experience for the audience. Since we were just the emcees, we only went to two rehearsals for the Halloween concert. However, we still got a glimpse of the attention to detail that the musicians and staff put into their work.
  • And yes, the rewrites. There was a script for the performance, and Rebecca and I are just used to talking about topics on our podcast without even an outline for the conversation. Thankfully, Grant, the Music Director, worked with us and allowed some of our off-script banter to play out.
  • The symphony truly wants everyone to enjoy the music. From the family-friendly matinée performance, to their performance previews to introduce the composers, music, and musicians, the Great Falls Symphony puts in so much effort to get people excited about attending their concerts throughout the season.


If you missed the Halloween concert, don’t worry. There are plenty of more opportunities to witness the greatness of the Great Falls Symphony. See a list of upcoming concerts here, and get ready to enjoy the culture in Great Falls, Montana.

Thank you to the Great Falls Symphony, Executive Director Hillary Shepherd, Music Director Grant Harville, and the audience for welcoming us as emcees for the performance. It truly was an honor to be apart of the performance!


Mari is the Content Director for Great Falls Montana Tourism and cohost of We’re No Dam Experts with Rebecca, the Executive Director of Great Falls Montana Tourism. Each week, the two share their love of Great Falls, Montana, and have had plenty of experts on the podcast to help them dive deep into the things that get people excited about visiting The Best Dam Town in Montana.