Besides eating obscene amounts of Turkey and hoping that Harvest Craft Kitchen will make their rare special Thanksgiving special this month, your November To-Do List is full of art, culture, and plenty of concerts. Start planning now!

  1. Start your November with the end of the Julia Becker: Body of Land Closing at Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art.
  2. Grab your bestie, mom, mailman, whoever, and head over to the Hometana Great Falls Grand Opening on November 5th.
  3. Have a howling good time at the HARVEST HOWL 2021 at Four Seasons Arena.
  4. Reading about string theory doesn’t sound like the best time to us, but going to the Mansfield Theatre for their “String Theory”  performance with Megan Karls on violin has us rushing to the box office to get our tickets.
  5. IT IS BACK! You’ve waited patiently, and now we can finally say that Mermaid Brunch returns to the Sip ‘n Dip Lounge on November 7th!
  6. The Race is On to get your tickets to the Sawyer Brown concert at The Newberry!
  7. If you want to go to a bar and have someone make fun of you, make sure you attend the Comedy Showdown at The Do Bar this month.
  8. We’re no dam experts, but we’re positive that the reading of Golden Kilowatts by author Butch Larcombe at The History Museum is sure to be a dam good time.
  9. We don’t want to confuse you, but come see Blue October at The Newberry this November.
  10. You’re wrong if you don’t go to the Price is Right LIVE at Montana ExpoPark.
  11. Did you marry into a family that does 5Ks on holidays? If so, you’ll probably be at the Burn the Bird Race on Thanksgiving.
  12. Christmas toys aren’t made in a day, so make sure you help out the big man during the Santa Workshop at Good Wood Guys this month.
  13. Finish off the month strong with Parade of Lights in Downtown Great Falls and The Simon & Garfunkel Story at Mansfield Theatre!